Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pro Biotics Should Be Your Family’s Special Winter Time Friend

Pro Biotics are your family’s friend all year round, but the Winter time brings with it physical
stresses from the cold as well as holiday stress. This is the time that we sneak sugar treats left and right. It’s also the time to spend with family and in-laws. I’m just saying … This is when your body needs to be guarded against flu and other virus’ because the perfect storm is brewing otherwise.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial to your overall health, specifically the digestive system. If your gut is healthy, of course, your body feels more in balance.

There are many things that can cause an imbalance in the bacteria living in your gut. You always have some invasive bacteria from food and other sources that are being balanced out by the friendly bacteria that lives in the gut. If you take an antibiotic, it will shoot bacteria like a shotgun taking down all of the bacteria, both good and bad. When the friendly bacteria is killed off, the balance goes awry and you are overtaken by yeast or other bacteria. This can cause unstoppable diahrrea. It can be pretty serious. This is why people supplement their diet with a probiotic supplement or make sure to eat certain fermented foods that contain natural probiotics.

Probiotics are the ingredients that the yogurt makers brag about. This is also why it is recommended that you eat yogurt when taking an antibiotic to keep the friendly cultures up in your gut.

Some health professionals might say that you don’t necessarily  need to supplement, because your body will find a natural balance. Ask your nutritionist or an informed person at your  natural grocers and they will answer questions that you have.

Personally, I take a Probiotic daily and my digestion is great and I’ve passed over the flu and colds for the past several winters.

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