Monday, June 22, 2015

How Can A Backache Give You A Headache?

I have a new client that suffers from headaches. She works at a computer and claims that her back is uncomfortable most of the time, but that her major complaint is headaches. She has been examined by her doctor who prescribed medication for the headaches, and suggested giving her eyes a break from the computer screen, but couldn't come up with a concrete diagnosis.

On her first visit, I found her Trapezius to be exceptionally tight and knotty. Most of her tension and tightness was in her thoracic area (mid back). On her second visit, she claimed that her headaches were fewer, and only happened at the end of the day.

Her third visit was a week ago, right before leaving on her vacation. I spent a lot of time on her Trapezius, and when she left, she was pretty relaxed and her muscles felt smooth. I just got a call from her at here desk on her first day back. Her vacation was pain-free and she is relieved to know that her headaches can now be managed.

I have included a nice rendering of a problematic Trapezius. As you can see, what goes on in your back can be nagging at your head. By pulling back on her skull, the placement of her head and neck were fighting back.

I always recommend that you see your doctor for headaches, but in the end, the solution can often be found in surrounding areas. It's great to be back to work!

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