Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Vegan Test Kitchen

I make sure that everybody coming to the dinner table knows when a recipe is what I call a "Test Kitchen" meal. I have a complete disclaimer so that I can't be blamed for a weird meal. Last night I served a salad dressing that most certainly needs to go back to the table. The biggest problem? The color.

I've always enjoyed raspberry vinagrette salad dressing, but don't really enjoy the vinegar and would rather have a creamier dressing. I use a lot of pureed chickpeas to cream things up, but this time I decided to add a sweet potato to the raspberries to get a sweeter and creamier raspberry salad dressing. I suppose that it might have been okay if I was making a brown gravy, but as a salad dressing, not so much. It turned brown!

I will lessen the amount of potato and increase the amount of oil next time. I intend to create a sweet dressing that will serve as a dipping sauce for spring rolls too. Okay ... while my family is still making fun of my mysterious brown dressing, I am creating another one. Color is a really important aspect of food delivery. I guess that's why the commercial food industry uses so much dye. Not to worry. My late nights in the test kitchen will produce something fabulous! Wait and see.

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