Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The 30th Anniversary of my 30th Birthday

Man, it’s been hot. We have hit 100 degrees every day for the past week. I’ve had to baby my garden every step of the way, but lucky days, everything is doing well and we’ve been eating big salads every night for almost a month already. The Pine Ridge Fire is 50% contained as of this morning. We had a hectic weekend with flames in plain sight and suitcases by the door.

The Aspen Ideas Festival was held last weekend and we were able to attend some incredibly stimulating and informative lectures. How much does it cost for a full ride ticket buyer? $2,700. for the 3 day conference. Yeow! You’ve got to seek out the freebie lectures around town during these events if you’re just a normal person. Aspen has so many incredible events during the summer, there’s always something to do!

Yes friends, my birthday is coming in a few days, but I’ve changed it to an anniversary rather than a birthday. Feel free to send me a 30th anniversary of my 30th birthday card.  Yikes. It is what it is.

Eating well, exercising every day, and counting the weeks until our next beach vacation. Being an astrological crab, I need my water!

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