Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Political

I'll make it short since I've vowed not to get political on my blog. I got a little roused at Newt last week for claiming how poor kids in poor neighborhoods have no work ethic. That's an enormous generalization. I was a single Mom who lived in a lower rent apartment. In fact, I managed the entire complex in order to cover my rent. My Son watched me go from one job to another while shoveling snow from the walkways and dealing with management problems. So, Newt, you are not entirely correct about that ethic thing.

Secondly, I was insulted when Sarah Palin commented on how Polls were for strippers. Sarah, you don't have to believe in political polls, I don't either, but your stripper comment was really stupid.

My complaint today though is about Ann Coulter calling John McCain a douchebag. Seriously? A Douchebag. I will admit that John McCain is not my favorite, but isn't that REALLLLLLY tacky? Even sleezy?

Now, we have a debate coming up scheduled to be moderated by Donald Trump. Newt is the only one signed up so far. This is bound to be a narrow minded Good Old Boy, Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke bashing hour of television. Count me out. Wake me up when the righteous, bad hair, fat belly, has been, greed fest is over. I really don't like feeling this way. Can't we all just get along?

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