Monday, October 10, 2011

March On, America!

Surprise. The focus of my blog and my life is to live and help others live healthier lives. My entire career was built on health and fitness. Loved it. Now, as a semi retired worker bee, at last, I have the freedom to speak my own truth without the threat of losing my job. This is about politics, and the health and fitness of our country’s citizens.

I have no intention of commenting on Mitt Romney’s faith, or Barack Obama’s birth certificate. This is about the social security deductions that came from my paychecks when I was a single mom in Aspen, of all places. Could I have used that few bucks to buy a meal for my son and I? Hell, yes! Could all of the people in the country that lost their homes have used a draw against their social security deductions that should have been in an escrow account? Hell, yes!

I’m a baby boomer. A child of the 60’s and 70’s when citizens marched and spoke up for their rights. I don’t care if it’s about Wall Street, or the banks, or the government. SOMEBODY took, or SOMEBODY allowed SOMEBODY to greedily withdraw my blood, sweat, and hard earned retirement insurance from wherever it should have been safe, and SOMEBODY needs to give it back.

March on, people! Eric Cantor, the grinning little Republican smart ass thinks you’re a mob. LOL. And congratulations on your tax exempt status. Be smart, utilize your skills and education, but march on. Do it until somebody is forced to recognize that we the people can no longer be robbed of our basic needs. We, our parents, and grandparents have worked for and deserve security.

To all of those greed mongers in the banks, government, and whomever deliberately caused our country’s meltdown, may you lose your home, your health insurance, and your dignity. I see many hard working family people now unemployed watching their children suffer. They would rather be in jail. They live in shame ... for YOUR sins.

March on, protesters! (Every person, every party) Grow up, Washington. America has had enough.

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