Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shhhh. Give Your Mind A Rest.

Get Quiet! I think it was JLo that recorded a song called Lets Get Loud sometime last year. Well, getting quiet is the hardest thing for my clients to do. I will admit. It’s the hardest thing for me to do too. The thing is that your subconscious can’t form new ideas when it’s on overdrive. In order to create new habits, you have to make suggestions that will be heard.

If you eat too fast, you probably eat too much. “Aaaargh! I gotta run! I’m late! Somebody’s going to be mad at me! Give me that donut! Gobble! Gobble! ... oh man ... my stomach hurts.” Ever done that?

Research shows that taking time to de-stress is what will teach your mind how to eat more slowly, think more thoroughly, stop behaving impulsively, and relax! Of course it’s acceptable to get loud now and then .. How else will you burn calories? The point is to take the time to clear your mind and have some positive thoughts. Take 10 minutes today. Sit, breathe, and let your mind go completely blank. Do it for 10 minutes. Have a good day.

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