Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Is Not A Disposable Planet

Mother Earth has a problem. Hot flashes, cold flashes. Volcanoes, tornados, sinkholes, earthquakes, tsunamis. Plastic in the sea. This oil spill is really making her sick. Do people realize that this is not a disposable planet?

We don’t deserve a space program. What will we do? Take over another planet? There’s only a handful of planets and there are a gazillion people. This won’t work.

People, PLEASE. We have got to chill out. If you don’t recycle, please, start. Energy exploration is important, but must become more responsible. The problem in the gulf is NOT an isolated incident. I live in Western Colorado. I know this for a fact. We’ve had natural gas bubbling up into a creek. I had a wrecked gas truck leaking gas into the creek on my property where my horses drink. Did someone come to my door to tell me? No. Were my horses standing right by the water? Yes. Had it not been for a neighbor, I never would have known.

Our world situation is scarry. Some people are blaming the current administration. Seriously? How could an administration cause reckless drilling for the past 10 years? That makes no sense.

Time to stop bickering and blaming. It’s time to start nurturing the planet that will feed our grandkids. Please, people! Do it.

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