Friday, May 21, 2010

The Non-Action Committee

Al and I had a meeting the other night. Or, should I say, non-meeting. We haven’t quite been able to put our finger on what it is that has been frustrating us lately, but this encounter hit the bullseye!

I had wondered, up to this point, how a guy like John Edwards said one thing, yet while looking people in the eye and shaking their hands, his head was somewhere else. Completely, somewhere else.

The non-meeting that I am referring to is an arranged meeting with a man that is a part of every committee for action regarding our community and residence, that we wanted to discuss some general problems and frustrations. There was nothing hostile, simply some issues like common area lawns being overlooked in the mowing process for the past few summers. This summer, our home is for sale, and maintaining the entrance to the neighborhood is a specific expectation.

First, we got; “One thing that I promise you is that we will follow this thing through …” Then, we got; “Well, we don’t really know who officially owns that entry way, and if we mow it, we might be trespassing.” TRESSPASSING? FOR MOWING AROUND THE SIGN THAT HAS YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NAME ON IT? I could feel Al’s frustration. He simply said “thank you for your time.” I, of course, couldn’t let it go. “Well, it has to be done.” That was my only response. Then we got; “Change will happen, but these things don’t happen over night.”

In my analytical style, I have been laying awake wondering if this man is on the Board of Directors for British Petroleum too. What is with people who want power but don’t want to do the job? They even try to schmooze their way out of it. We need action. We need people who want to work. The world is too fragile, and our money is too hard earned to be schmoozed.

No matter what your political agenda, I encourage you to vote in every election that involves you. In order to get a fair majority in any election, people need to become more involved and claim their vote. There are a lot of new and hot and important issues that will show up on ballots for the next several years, that if you have an opinion, you should claim your votes in each issue.

Personally, I can’t tolerate one more non-meeting with never ending lip service.

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