Friday, April 2, 2010

Wayyyyyy To Analytical For My Own Good

I’ve been accused of being far too analytical. I think that all people think things out like I do. If I had been Jesse James, I would have thought that public transgressions might become obvious, then I would get caught and lose everything. I wonder why he would shame his lovely, successful, and famous wife like he did. There was really no rational reason for his behavior.

If I were an elected politician voting on such a huge topic as health care reform, I would take the document to the citizens of my own jurisdiction, decipher the facts, then see what they have to say. That’s what government officials are elected to do. They are elected to speak on behalf of their voters. Instead, they have all made buffoons out of themselves, driven by personal vendetta, and I doubt that anybody in Congress will even be re-elected in November.

I’ve got to stop analyzing and over thinking things. While I’m busy wondering why people do things, the world is changing by the minute. These are the best times to keep up and be educated. Technology is changing, and energy creation and uses are developing rapidly. When jobs open up, people need to have their new and reinvented life plan together. There I go … over- thinking again.

I’ve made up my mind. When the economy opens up, I’m going to be in the garden. Through it all, I’ve re-invented my frugal, hippie self. No more worrying, no more over-thinking. Just free, fresh food on the table every night. Let the buffoons be lying cheaters that fight it out. Peace-out. I’m eating organic.

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