Monday, February 1, 2010

Being Well

Al and I are always talking about people's perspectives on issues. It's shocking any two people can have such different interpretations about specific events. For example, when Al was laid off from a plumbing company due to lack of work, he was hired by a new company immediately. As usual, he's steady as she goes. He works diligently, with honesty and integrity. At the holidays, his boss claimed that he couldn't afford a bonus because his customers hadn't been paying him like they should. Of course, Als response was that it was okay, since he feels fortunate to have a job at all. That was when things changed for him. The "mutual" respect turned into him being treated like he's lucky to have a job at all. How did that happen? Did he set that up? Although the boss said that when he got paid, and when things improved, he would get a "New Years" bonus. Now, February 1, there is no bonus, not likely to be one since "he's lucky to have a job at all."

Last night, while watching the John Wooden special on PBS, he demonstrated his pyramid for living. Of course, John Wooden is the most successful and most respected basketball coach of all time. He delivered an explanation of each wrung of his pyramid including respect, hard work, teamwork, integrity, fairness, and more. Players from the past were interviewed, and they had not only gone on to be winners in life, but had raised successful children, and they all had such a high respect for their now 92 year old coach. What a story. I was choked up during the entire show.

The moral that I came away with was simple. To give respect and support to your fellow man is as important in life to all of us as good nutrition. If you give your best, work hard, and have integrity, you will be satisfied with who you are. That satisfaction is the highest reward.

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