Monday, November 23, 2009


Whoah, Nellie! Everybody's talking about social networking, and how important that it is in business. I don't like being social at all anymore, let alone networking all over the place. Anyway, because all of my BFF's are tweeting these days, I signed up for twitter tonight. For about 5 minutes. Geez, I was hardly done typing my name and email address and I had three new "friends" wanting to tweet. WTF? Come on, I thought that I would read a couple of Wolf Blitzer and Ashton Kutcher entries, but they started pouring in. Come on, I don't know you people. I can't spend all this time typing about the salmon that you had for dinner in a New York restaurant! Really! Call me crazy, but I don't care what you had for dinner. I care if you drove your car there and if you turned the lights off in your house when you left. I live in the sticks where they don't have salmon. Good bye, Wolf, glad you liked the Salmon tonight. And good bye Ashton. It appears as though you're the king Twitterer of all time. So long Trekkies. Good night, John Boy. Peace out.

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