Thursday, April 9, 2009

Walking Through Life's Obstacles

In my first week of coaching, I've found the human spirit to be so giving that it actually lacks self-love in a lot of ways. Some people are so willing to take care of others that they lose their own personal focus. Some of us, raised with guilt, think that self-love is sel-fish. I'm learning to turn this type of thinking around. Here's an example;

If you feel the best when you're helping someone else, how about joining in one of the Susan B. Komen walks for breast cancer this summer? By training each day, you can lose the guilt of thinking that you're taking too much time for yourself. You will be improving your own health, allowing your mind to feel like you're doing it for someone else, while feeding your own spirit and feeling good about yourself!

This might be a good first step in your journey towards balance. It shouldn't be difficult to take time to go to the gym, or to have your nails done, or to take a nap. These are all a part of a healthy body which is necessary for a balanced spirit. Start with today. Walk somewhere that you might normally drive. This will start you on your goal of the donation of your time to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. Who knows, maybe next year you'll run it!

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