Monday, December 15, 2008

Purge the Slime

So many bigshots getting busted for corruption, greed, perversion. Now is a good time. An Attorney General whose crusade is to stop prostitution gets busted for frequenting a hooker that could be his daughter. John Edwards, the gentle Democrat who wants to help the poor people and become the president is cheating on his terminally ill wife, the banks have stolen every dime from the public while giving themselves bonus's, the leaders in the Auto Industry couldn't manage a hamburger joint effectively, and the Governor of Illinois is trying to make a buck on corruption.

With all of the unemployment and people left without healthcare for their families, the country is in a recession, and slipping deeper. Now, here's my beef; The Auto Executives AND the Illinois Governor are trying to find ways to continue to draw a salary if they're impeached or laid off because they're worried about their own financial situation.

Riddle me this ... If a young man was caught stealing from the til to buy food for his family, or to buy gas to make it to work because our leaders have screwed up our world beyond recognition, would he be laid off with pay? No, he would just be crammed into a jail cell that taxpayers can't afford to pay for.

Here is what I wish for the holidays. That Elliott Spitzer would be placed in a stadium for public ridicule, that the Auto Executives would be held personally accountable for every medical bill accrued by laid off workers and their families, that John Edwards be blessed with a painful erection lasting for more than 4 hours, and that Rob (can't spell his name), the Governor of Illinois be placed in an asylum with haunting crazy-people noises so that he can't sleep at night.

It's time for a change. Let's start 2009 with honesty and compassion for one another. Let's purge all of the slimy liars from our desperate America. It's time to move forward with integrity. Let's do it!

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