Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"My Other Ride"

During the recent election, and the election before that, I was amazed at how differently people see the facts. I try to listen to everybody's side of every story. In fact, I won't make a decision in a who dunnit until all of the facts are in. That's how much I like to hear both sides.

I may have changed my mind as of yesterday. I was waiting for a haircut when a guy walked into the salon wearing a t-shirt that said "My other ride has tits." Say what? I looked around thinking that Al might be punking me. After all, who would wear that shirt? Are you kidding me? I just kept wanting to say it out loud. "Hey, Jerk! Are you kidding me?" I wanted to speak up, but didn't want the poor girls at Super Cuts to have to deal with the whole police thing just because I came in for a haircut, so I kept it mum.

I've had a new shirt printed for him. It says, "I'm nothing but a big boob." I took it to Super Cuts today, and it waits his next trim.

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