Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sugar Is Not Our Friend

In my lifestyle changes over the past few years I’ve been able to lose 40 pounds in additional to keeping it off … until now. I’m up 3 pounds, and know exactly why. I think that constant monitoring of what I eat every day, and how many calories that I burn has made me acutely aware of what it takes for me to be healthy.

First of all, I use the app called “Lose It.” This app keeps track of how many calories that I eat, 
and how many that I actually need. When I saw my doctor recently he gave me a calorie count 
for someone my age and weight and it wasn't close to what I have experienced and calculated for myself.

Here is what I have discovered; I went for an entire year without eating sugar products. This is just treats, not products that contain hidden sugar (checkout Dr. Mark Hymans article about High Fructose Corn Syrup). During that year, I ate no treats or sugar products, but I did eat things like scalloped potatoes with cheese, corn on the cob, and whole grain toast with my own fruit preserves.

I weighed myself each day during this year and found that 1,500 calories a day is exactly what it takes to maintain a lean, healthy lifestyle. If I ate less, I lost. If I ate more, I gained. I ate no processed food, and specifically no processed sugars.

Recently, Al and I have started eating a little carrot cake. It started with a Birthday, and then we started having dessert a few days a week. My weekly calorie intake still stayed within my 1,500 calorie a day range, but my pants started feeling a 
little tighter … 3 pounds gained. There is no explanation for this besides SUGAR, SUGAR, 
SUGAR and how my body metabolizes it.

I saw an obese woman on TV the other day (I mean, 500 pounds of obesity). She and her 
husband both claimed that she ate less than 2,000 calories of food each day and her continuous weight gain was a mystery. Then came the truth.  She drinks more than 3 liters of soda drinks a 
day. SUGAR!

I know that many experts claim that calories-in, calories-out are the bottom line but an expert 
in my own daily monitor, I’ll tell you that processed sugar is more offensive to your body than 
pure plant food. I believe that by replacing healthy food calories with sugar calories, your body 
will respond differently.

We are off of the carrot cake binge now and psyched to be at the onset of fruit season here in Colorado. It is a constant balancing act.!  Being a foodie, I crave, I fall off the wagon, and thank 
God that I find my way back. I encourage my clients to find a delicious snack to satisfy that 
munchie urge. 

Try making your own gorp with whatever you want. I like sunflower seeds and raisins. It's sweet 
and crunchy, and because it requires so much chewing, I put it down before I've eaten too much! 

Best wishes to everybody out there that working on your own personal wellness lifestyle. 
I support you!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Blueberry Season Starts Now. Eat More Blueberries.

It's the only blue food. Blueberries are one of the most popular superfoods.

Loaded with antioxidants, blueberries are known to help fight cancer, amp up weight loss, boost brain health, alleviate inflammation, support digestion, and promote heart health. Blueberries are also loaded with fiber which is what aids in some of the great benefits listed above.

Blueberries can be successfully frozen which is a great reason to buy or pick them early and set them aside for future use.  
The compounds in blueberries called anthocyanins shield the skin against harmful free radicals that can damage the collagen that keeps it firm. In addition to that, blueberries are loaded with Vitamin C, another antioxidant crucial to collagen production.


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Facelift Massage Focus Group

We had a great time! Last Saturday a group of my therapist friends were kind enough to take their
Saturday to take my Facial Massage Class as well as comment and suggest.

I am so excited to be back to teaching about physiology and massage! I started the day by providing an organic breakfast for everybody while the others got to know each other. We each shared experiences about our massage and beauty practices, and learned something new from each participant.

While practicing the techniques on each other, four out of six students fell asleep during their practice treatments! We all learned that our treatments would be much more satisfying if we, the therapists would allow ourselves to slow down and silent our own thoughts while working.

It was a nice cool day which allowed for us to work outside under the trees, and i'm ready to share this deeply relaxing and beneficial face and head treatment to the world!

The June 23 session is full, so please look at the August 25 session if you're interested. In 2019, our classes will move to Nevada and California. I hope to meet you soon!

Monday, April 30, 2018

God, I love my dog!

When I lost my Golden, Gracie, I knew that I wanted another dog in our lives right away. Since we're getting ready to retire soon I knew that we needed a small and portable pet. Pete, as we call her, certainly wasn't as cute and healthy as in the photo, and had some health issues that required a vet. She was in a home that could not afford the health care and grooming that she would need, so she was given to us.

Pete spent a couple of months with Al in his easy chair during radiation treatment, and keeps me up and walking every day. Our home (and our health) wouldn't be the same without her.

The Animal Shelters in our area are busting at the seams right now with plenty of spring births on the way. Think about adopting this spring. Checkout your local shelter or try ours:

Denver Dumb Friends League
(303) 751-5772

Denver Rescue Mission
(303) 297-1815

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Have A Cup Of Tea!

The first bowl moistens my lips and throat;
The second bowl banishes all loneliness;
The third bowl clears my mind of words and books;
At the fourth cup, I begin to perspire ---
life's troubles evaporate through my pores.
The fifth cup cleanses my entire being.
Six cups and I am in the realm of the divine;
Seven cups --- ah, but I can drink no more;
I can only feel the gentle breezes blowing
through my sleeves,
wafting me away to the Isle of immortality!

---Lu Tong, Eighth - Century Chinese poet, from
In Gratitude For A Gift Of Fresh Tea

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In Life, You Grow

"I believe in process, I believe in four seasons, I believe that winter's tough, but springs coming. I believe that there's a growing season. And I think that you realize in life, you grow. You get better" -- Steve Southerland

Friday, April 6, 2018

Siesta, Riposo, Nap, Rest ...

In Spain it’s called Siesta. Businesses close for up to two hours while workers spend time with their family, or take a nap. They simply step away from the urgency of their work day. In Italy it’s called Riposo, another word for rest. Italians will close their businesses for up to three hours mid-day. Everything is closed but the Gelato stores. They sell the snacks to those wishing to socialize in their personal time. In China, workers put their heads down on their desks for an hour long nap. In China, it’s considered a constitutional right.

Americans are slowly catching on to the nap thing. Companies like Google encourage employees to take a rest break as research shows better productivity when employees are rested.

Research shows that deep relaxation has several positive benefits on the mind and body. Deep relaxation is known to relieve aches and pains, improve heart health, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

As I interview and work on people, it’s clear to me. Anxiety accelerates aging. According to Dr. Joseph Marcola, stress creates accelerated aging on a cellular level. What can be constituted as stress? Stressors can be anything from poor nutrition, to smoking, to money and job stressors.

When I ask people if they meditate or are interested in learning, they say they don’t have time, or they can’t sit still for that long. I understand that. It took me several years to learn how to quiet my mind for 10 minutes, let alone an hour!

Muscle memory is something that you hear about in sports. Muscles continue to do what they’re used to doing until you change their patterns. Now, here is my point;

You scrunch your forehead when you’re mad or stressed about something. You scrunch your forehead when you’re telling someone else about it, then you do the same when you’re mulling it over in your mind. Now, what? Well, since the muscles in your forehead are trained to be scrunched, they’re scrunched! They are contracted constantly without a break! Now, you have a ridge in your forehead or over your eyes.

Some people have Botox injections which smoothes the lines out of your forehead. I’m here to tell you that there’s a better way. A Therapeutic Facial Massage is given in complete silence. There is no talking about all of those things so that your forehead is scrunched. Your face will remain completely relaxed allowing muscles and skin to be manipulated without resistance.

You will enjoy one hour of complete silence while your therapist re-trains your facial muscles to be relaxed. During this time, toxins will be flushed from your face, followed by a complete Face Reflexology treatment which will benefit your entire body.

Riposo, Siesta, REST. Do it. It will be written all over your face.

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